What is the Gospel?

In his letter to the church in Rome, Paul gives a nice overview of an important core of the gospel (literally translated: ‘the good news’). The good is that man is freed from unholiness and sin so that we can live in relationship with God forever.


God is holy, pure, without blemish. Unholiness cannot be with holiness without something bad happening. For example, if people touched the sacred Ark of the Covenant, they fell dead. Moses is warned at the burning bush to take off his shoes because the ground is holy. The prophet Isaiah falls to the ground when he sees a holy angel. Man could only come into contact with God through sacrifices. The law and the sacrificial service made it possible for there to be a relationship between God and man. No man is as holy as God. And no one can become so holy on their own. No matter how hard we try. And because people never fully obey the law, man is guilty.

The law, sin and punishment

The law consists of the rules of life that God gave to the people of Israel through Moses. A violation of this is called ‘sin’ and sin, small or large, creates a distance between God and people. Man’s relationship with his Creator is broken. As a human being you cannot simply restore that relationship. The punishment that follows sin is what the Bible calls ‘the judgment of God’ 

Jesus, as the son of God and the only holy man, took away the punishment for all sin and guilt. Jesus’ holiness was given to us so that we could commune with the holy God. Because of Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection, the lives of all believers have been changed. The apostle Paul writes that we no longer have to fear God’s judgment. God sees us, because of what Jesus did, as holy people, even though we actually are not. Because Jesus died and rose again, the people who believe in him are absolved of guilt. By believing in Jesus, a relationship is possible between you and God.

A new life

Is believing really all you have to do? The apostle Paul explains that by faith you will live the way God wants you to. You have “died with Christ” that you may now “live a new life” ( Romans 6:4 ). In your actions you show that you are no longer a ‘slave to sin’ (Romans 6:17). So you are free to do good, to live from love and holiness. “But God showed us his love in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. So it is all the more certain that having been acquitted by his death, through him we will be saved and not condemned” (Romans 5:8-10).

Make a choice today!

So do you want to accept this new and also eternal life? Then make a decision today!
Decide to put aside your old life, which is focused on your own desires, and turn to a new life in which you want to do the will of God.
God has good plans for your life and life with Him is wonderful!
You can start by praying this prayer below:

Father in heaven.
I believe in the sacrifice that Jesus made by going to the cross and laying down His life.
That through this I am freed from my sins.
I repent of my sins and decide to follow You from now on.
I place my life in Your hands.
Fill me with Your Holy Spirit so that He can guide me.
Thank You that I can now know that I am saved for eternity through Jesus Christ our Lord.